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About Broken Bay Brewing Co.

Our world seems to revolve around more, more, and more. More things and more attention, and even beers have more ingredients and more noise around them. But with excess in excess, an authentic craft beer was nowhere to be found. And when you think you found it, it’s lost in the next pour.

With tradition and consistency as their true norths, our two captains, Brenton and Andrew, ventured overseas. Exploring endless beers and brew houses, they discovered a new tradition. One that embraces traditional European brewing methodology, but with state-of-the-art tech that empowers us to provide a purer brew that is consistent across every batch. A refreshing, crisp beer that pays homage to exactly that: a proper brew.

Australia’s First Simatec Brewhouse.

Returning home with Australia’s first Simatec brewhouse was only the beginning for Broken Bay Brewing Co. It was (and still is!) all hands on deck to brew the best beers. With only the best quality ingredients, our captains started creating, and later finessing their dream brews. Brews that are beautifully subtle. Stripped back to a true brew. And only the batches passing with flying colours make it into our kegs and cans!

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Highest quality ingredients brewed into a top bevvy. Tasting just the way they’re meant to, whether that’s crisp, fruity or otherwise delicious. Grab your vessel and discover the range.